Tips on Gathering Information for a Group Health Insurance Quote

Health insurance is a must-have for everyone. One can apply directly for coverage from any licensed insurance provider near him.

However, one could benefit greatly by signing in to a group health insurance. Businesses with at least two employees may qualify. How much would it cost? One has to get a quote. How? Well, here are some tips.

It’s a competitive environment out there for companies providing group health insurance. That is why companies’ Web sites and agents are more than willing to entertain questions and requests for quotes from prospective clients. If you are one business wanting to find out information in order to determine your probable expense in insuring clients, you would find yourself with a lot of help especially on the Net.

Gathering Information for a Group Health Insurance Quote Online

Entering the key words “group health insurance quotes” on any search engine on the Net, you’d find several Web sites offering instant quotes. You only have to input basic information like your zip code. These web sites will generate quotes from several listed insurers to allow prospective clients to make price comparisons. Some of these operate by selling insurance directly to clients. Others serve only as portals for you to get quotes but you have to make the purchase from the insurer itself. One such portal is that of HealthInsuranceFinders. If you are looking for information on Group Health Insurance costs, here are some tips:

  • Use online quote providers, but double check whether purchasing directly from the insurer could cost less
  • To get the most relevant information, narrow down your search to specific categories that describe your group most (family, business, students, among others)
  • Also, medical insurance information are usually classified by state; browse through the site and click on the link dedicated to your state (remember that health insurance are governed by state, and so laws could vary greatly from one to another)
  • If you are a business, try narrowing your hunt for information from insurers that specialize in your size of business -- whether you are a small (at least 2 employees but not more than 50), mid-size or large business

Gathering Direct Information for a Group Health Insurance Quote

While online resources are helpful, it can’t still replace a thorough personal conversation with an agent who can answer your questions directly and address some of your concerns. After shopping online for a shortlist of possible insurers you can apply for a medical coverage with, try calling them personally so you can meet with an agent. Use their online contact information or that from the yellow pages. Some of the questions you should be asking during the meeting should include how an insurer typically administer benefits, the breadth of a provider’s package, its network of physicians and other support it usually provides to insureds. Come up with a full list of questions before going to the meeting so you get the most information from the appointment.


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