Starting a Tour Guide Business

Are you wondering on how to start a tour guide business and looking to learn the legal ways of performing this career?

If you are fond of meeting different people and willing to guide them on their trips and adventures then here are some tips for you in starting a tour guide business with less apprehension.

Starting a Tour Guide Business as a New Career Path

If you already found your niche as a tour guide and it gave you a different feeling in meeting new people, therefore don’t hesitate to start a tour guide business as your new career path. Being a tour guide doesn’t require any skills, as long as you fond of guiding tourists on their target destinations or nature-tripping then you can do the business normally. Nonetheless, for you to be an effective tour guide you should be knowledgeable about different interesting places and sceneries with historical values to meet up the expectations of your clients. You should be prepared enough on answering the questions of the tourists and provide them the information they wanted to know regarding the place, the more they could learn the happier they would be. But most tourists just don’t travel for a visit, yet they are looking also for a different level of adventure and excitement and would likely to experience a remarkable journey with satisfaction in their hearts. In order to fulfill this exciting business endeavor, just follow our advices to be successful on this career.

Simple Guides on How to Start a Tour Guide Business

Since you will be handling a tour guide business, it is important to know the basic requirements before the operation. Make an inquiry on your local licensing department or any state business departments for the appropriate licenses and business permits. The state may even require you in obtaining a certification in first-aid training and other life-saving techniques such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR. These are vital in performing your job as a tour guide since there will be cases of unexpected accidents during the tour and adventurous trips. As a safety precaution, first-aid kits should always be accompanied on every tour including other safety equipments and devices. Don’t forget to apply for the necessary insurances and always require your clients to sign in a waiver in every tour you conduct.

Upon obtaining the licenses and permits, your next concern will be the kind of tour setting which you think might catch the interest of the tourists. Look for popular places and tourist spots that have great public appeal or historical significance. You can also offer nature-tripping to national parks and mountain terrains for those who love outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking, biking, and other exciting nature escapades. Your local tourism department will be your good source for the lists of interesting places and spots in your locality. In advertising your business, you can create your own website and send out brochures with complete details about the tour setting. Collaborating with travel agencies is another option for you to extend your services.


  • Erasmus Hinamulyange Stephanus said on March 18, 2011
    I am having tour guide business in Africa Namibia so i need help how i will get the fund to run the school group tour
  • ike nwabinwe said on April 13, 2015
    I am interested in starting a tour guide and travel agency business in Dallas Texas. Will like some advice on the process and procedure. Thanks. Ike


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