Starting a Personal Concierge Business

A personal concierge business allows you to enjoy freedom to be the boss of your own business. This kind of business is a good home business opportunity.

The job of a personal concierge is interesting, fun and rewarding.

The service of a personal concierge is commonly used by busy professionals and celebrities. This is because personal concierge is the one who help them managing their lives. Some of the tasks include scheduling haircuts, personal training sessions, doctor visits, buying groceries and other errands. In this sense, if you think that you can able to manage and provide such services to others, then starting a personal concierge business is the right choice.

Variety of Personal Services

Before you decide to start a personal concierge business, you should identify the type of personal service you want to tackle. There are several types of personal services that you can choose from such as errand service, child care service, dining and activities as well as corporate and executive assistance. Likewise, house-sitting, relocation service, shopping service, travel service and a lot more are also included in the personal concierge services. However, before you make contract with your clients make sure that let them know the limits of your services to avoid any misunderstanding. Also, informing them about your boundaries can prevent to damage your reputation because of the complaints of unhappy client.

Plan your Business

After knowing the different services involve in personal concierge business the next thing to do is to develop the business plan. Obviously, planning would be a lot easier as you already have an idea on which services you will focus. You also need to investigate on your service provider and other suppliers make sure that you can ensure that you can count on them anytime you need. Keep in mind that as you will provide your personal concierge service you will also need other services from caterers, photographers and other professionals as well as skilled service providers. In addition, you need to make comprehensive service contract as well as the price list. You can also apply for business insurance and liability coverage.

Establish your Business Image

As you will provide personal services it is necessary to have the necessary certification such as certification in first aid, chauffeur license and other required licenses. This would serve as your pass in dealing and convincing clients. If you have good reputation you will not find difficulty in offering your services as they know you are responsible. Keep in mind that good judgment is rated depending on your performance at any given time. Moreover, ensure that you provide reliable service and at the same time see to it that you can handle different clients at the same time. You can do it by training helpers to perform the job in your behalf.


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