Reasons to Cancel a Business Trip

You don’t expect it to happen, but then, you can do nothing but cancel your business trip. Here are some of the reasons why people just can’t get where they’re supposed to be.

Whatever the reason is, surely, it’s that important enough to halt their business deal just for the sake of something that they have to necessarily attend to.

At certain times, it’s good to cancel a business trip.

You may have your own reasons for doing so, like other important stuffs to attend to, emergency, illness, or death in your family. Thus, you have to cancel that so-important business deal that you wanted to grab all this time.

Airlines: No reasons to cancel a business trip

Airlines do have a policy, “no waivers, no favors.” Meaning, there is no reason why you have to cancel your trip. Indeed, airlines do not give a damn whether you’re not ready for duty, you’re sick, or there’s a terrorist threat abiding.

No matter how personal, necessary, or justified your reasons are, you just can’t help the fact that airlines are too cold-hearted and close-minded to allow you to cancel, let alone, offer a refund to your flight tickets. And yet, there are always people who cancel their trips for their own reasons.

Why to cancel your business trip

  • When you have no reason to go at all. If there is no more reason to go for a business trip, then there is no reason to travel anymore. For example, you have planned to see a client in Chicago a few weeks ago. This client is very important that you really have to see him to make business arrangements. But then, an untoward incident happened and you have to call it a quit even before you go to there. So, what’s the point of flying off if you don’t have any business to attend to? Simply, it’s just a waste of time and money.
  • When you’re too ill to travel. “I only cancel a trip when I am sick,” said Christina Shock. Naturally, it’s better to lie on your bed than get your clients infected. Just stay home, drink your medicine, and take a lot of rest.
  • When your loved one REALLY needs you. This is very true, especially when your family member is terribly sick that you can’t even concentrate on your trip and all you can think about is that loved one suffering too bad.
  • When you can’t afford the trip. When business spirals down a bit, it’s quite impractical to have make trip, especially if you’re tightening your belt and you just can’t afford it at all. Take the case of the 9/11 or the September 15 stock market crash. Those were very disappointing times with little or no business return at all. If you don’t need a trip, then, you’d better be off cancelling it.
  • When it’s too dangerous to travel. This is the final, yet, most important reason why you have to cancel your trip. Take the SARS virus or the 9/11 attack that some flights were suspended for the mean time. There are some businessmen who are too cautious enough to fly to other places when there is a typhoon, a pandemic, or terror threat standing around the corner. Life is simply too precious for them to let it go in just a simply flight.

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    will the company sack you if you dont agree to go on a business trip?


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