Make Money Sending Postcards

Postcard business is a good way to earn money and at the same time promote your service or product offered.

You could really make money sending postcards if you know what the needs of your target consumers are.

Many corporations use postcards as marketing promotion of the products and services that they offer. This is a good advertising strategy that can attract more customers into patronizing what they are offering. Nevertheless, anyone can make money by sending postcards. To make this a successful ordeal, you just need to match the product or the service to the needs and wants of your target market and boom! You will surely earn extra money by doing this.

How to Do this?

First, search online for mailing list vendor like the BuyerZone or the NextMark. Then, look and choose your target group of consumers whom you will send the postcards. Buy the mailing list of both the names and the addresses of those people. Next is to search for an affiliate marketplace site. Filter its listings to the category or the niche that matches your target people’s (the one that you chose earlier) interest. Then review each product’s sales pages and choose the affiliate product that is based on the sales letter’s quality and appearance (whether it is attractive enough to attract customers to buy it). Search for the product’s statistical data that includes conversion statistics and number of affiliates who are successful in promoting that product. Then, sign up as an affiliate and get your special link for affiliates.

Next is to buy a domain name from the domain name registering service. Choose a domain name that has keywords or key phrases that are relevant to your chosen affiliate products. In the domain management page of your account, set your purchased domain name to be forwarded to your special affiliate link’s URL. Then, design the postcard you will be sending according to the image or graphics that you like and the size of the postcard. Make a very attractive headline so that it will stand out and then place your purchased domain’s URL so that people can be encouraged to view the website.

You can either made prints and go to the post office to mail them or upload them to an online service for the creation and the delivery of the postcards. Just monitor the sales that you have made and track your commissions and affiliate sales to be able to determine how successful your postcard campaign is. Just keep in mind that the more attractive your designs of your postcards, the more customers can be attracted to them, the more money from sales you can get. So, design your postcards as beautiful and attractive as possible and you can achieve your goal.


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