Insurance for Dog Walking Business

Dog walking is a very exciting and enjoyable business nowadays. It is becoming a famous venture that dog lovers want to establish. Many business-minded people are wishing to be the boss and a dog walking business is the perfect opportunity for them to begin their own industry.

However, one of the most important things you should consider is the insurance for dog walking business.

Even though dog walker insurance may seem to be unnecessary, it is still very important for some situations. The two main situations where you would probably use the insurance is if you have an uncontrollable dog and if you want to establish a dog walking business. Owning an aggressive dog is very hard to handle during some situations. It may attack someone and other dogs and this incident will be put to your liability. In order to prevent this situation, you have to get a dog walker business insurance.

Situations Covered by Dog Walking Insurance

This insurance must cover each situation of your business service. Dog walking insurance covers three main situations.

  • Property damage. This insurance will cover you in case your dog made a lot of damage to any property like tearing someone’s clothing and destroying your neighbor’s gate. Another example is if your dog run across and caused an accident and damage to vehicles.
  • Physical injury. Usually, dogs love to go with their boss. Sometimes, when you leave your house and forgot to lock your gates, your dog will suddenly dart off. Your dog could jump, bite, and injure someone. This dog walking insurance will cover the owner against the possible cost of injury and damages.
  • Employer’s liability insurance. If your dog walking business has employers, you have to get this insurance to cover if one of your employees was bitten or attacked by your dog.

How Can I Get This Insurance?

You should first determine what type of liability coverage you need. You may choose the policy that covers your employees, contractors, or your family. Then, identify your estimated yearly gross profit. Dog walking business insurance is not just covering dogs but it also covers the economical status of your business.

Where Can I Get Dog Walking Business Insurance?

This insurance can be found in any animal associations. You can search on the internet and search about a policy that tackles about your needs. Then, get different ideas or quotes in order to find the perfect policy for your business. It is a best idea to go and apply as a member in any pet association’s site.

Importance of Dog Walking Business Insurance

This will aid you to protect the dog walker from the attacks of an aggressive dog. If you want to ensure the security as well as the reputation of your business, you have to get insurance.


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