How to Write a Press Release for a New Business

A press release is a written article or a television segment used to promote a newly opened business.

For the reader to get interested about the business it is important to create an interesting press release. It is also used in announcing events.

If you are planning to open a new business venture, the best way to introduce and promote is by writing and submitting a press release to different media. It is the basic tool in doing some promotional work. However, it is not enough to just write a press release. As much as possible you should follow the proper format that can attract the attention of future clients. Here are some steps that you can follow in creating a press release.

Write the Headline

The headline is an important feature of press release. It is necessary to make it brief, concise and direct to the point. The headline should contain an element that can grab the attention of readers. Write it in bold and larger text. For conventional headlines of press release you should use the present tense. Use capital letter in the first word as well as other proper nouns in the headlines. From the extracted keywords, you should identify the attention-grabbing statement. Using of keywords is very important to have a better visibility in the search engines.

Write the Body of the Press Release

In creating the body, you can start by citing the date and the place where the press release originated. Make sure that at the very first sentence you can grab the attention of the readers and as you progress you can expand the content. However, make sure to make the body of the press release compact by using short sentences and paragraphs. Using of fancy language is highly prohibited as well as redundancy. The first paragraph should be brief ad elaborate it further on the succeeding paragraphs. Use actual facts in terms of products, services, events and other plans and projects.

Include Company’s Information

Make at least two paragraphs that describe about the information of the company. You should include the company profile, business policy as well as core business. The link pointing to your website should be included as well as extra information links. It can support the press release by tying together all the possible links that would point to your business website. In like manner, you should also include the contact information so that the media can contact you in case that they like to set an interview with you. In case that you do not want to be in the front line, you can appoint somebody whom the media can contact. The contact information should have the official name of the company, the official contact person, the office address, e-mail addresses and other contact numbers.


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