How to Verify a Business

Verifying a business if it has a license can ease your mind and ensure you that the business you are dealing with is granted by the state you are in.

Nevertheless, you should not assume that the business is a fraud if it has no license unless you dig in deep into their profile.

In today’s advancement in the digital technology, verifying if a business has a license and suitable for dealing with has become quite easy. The license of a business is granted by the individual state so you will have to check and verify with the state or states where the business got its license. The procedure in determining whether a business is licensed or not vary by the state granted the business license however, the general process is just the same.

Process in Verifying a Business License

First is to know in which state is the person most likely to get the license. This can be learned through which state he or she is doing the business. However, this case might not always true especially is the activity of the business crosses state boarders. If you are in doubt, you could check the current residence of the person as well as the previous state where he or she stayed. Next is to identify the licensing organization. Different states have different names of licensing body. Then, search by the name. After knowing the licensing body, search for the person’s name. This is the easiest way to obtain results but if it’s a common name then you have to verify other information because the search result could be a lot.

Another is by searching by the type of license. This is often presented as the dropdown menu. Just choose the best one based on the type of business that the person offers. Sometimes, this thing is discrete in the search option but in some other states it can be one of the options that can narrow your search. You should also take consideration in searching the license number of the business. This is the most common search but it is also one of the most important one. The search for the license number can definitely verify that the number is really valid, not expired, and assigned to that certain individual.


If you don’t find a business license, it does not necessarily means that the business or the person is not licensed. You just have to continuously check because his or her license might be named after someone else, or named in his or her legal name, or the business is just registered in a different state. Thus, you should have more information about the person to be able to verify effectively his or her license.


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