How to Use Microsoft Business Contact Manager

Are you looking for additional income this year? If you are good in computers, you will be able to make lots of green bills through using the Microsoft Business Contact Manager.

In this article, you will learn some tips on how to use it better to guarantee that more bills will be knocking on your doors.

The main role of Business Contact Manager is to add certain customer relationship supervision capabilities to the specific features which are already in the Outlook. One of the examples of this is that it allows you to add more information regarding the specific services or products that customers in the contacts list in Outlook has bought from you. Upon using Microsoft Business Contact Manager, you can already import product and customer data. This is just a very easy task provided that you are of course, computer literate. Aside from that, it can also be used in organizing sales prospects, customer information and contacts as well.

Learn How to Use Microsoft Business Contact Manager

The first thing which you need to know in using Microsoft Business Contact Manager is importing customer data records, phone numbers, email addresses and names from the contact list of the Microsoft Outlook. In the menu bar of the Microsoft Outlook, you need to click on the “File” link and point to “Import and Export” afterwards. Next, you have to click the link "Microsoft Business Contacts Manager". This will eventually open up the Business Data Import and Export.

Next, you have to select the folder titled “Outlook Contacts” when you are asked to select the file type which you need to import. In order for you to finish the importing of contacts, you have to follow the instructions in the Business Data Import and Export wizard.

Then, you also need to import the lists of your services and products. In the menu titled "Business Contacts Manager", you will see there the "Product and Service Items List" that you need to click on. After that, the dialog box for the Product and Service Items List will open up.

After that, you need to click on the "Import" button which is located in the dialog box for the "Import Items" wizard to be opened. The prompts in wizard must be followed so that the importing of the service and product lists must be finished.

These are just the basics. In order for you to learn more and to get familiar with the specialized tasks in Microsoft Business Contact Manager, you can also try viewing and listening to product demos. Some of the specialized tasks that you can perform are creating orders, sales quotes and marketing campaigns.

By learning these, you will be able to secure the right flow of your business that will make you on top of the industry.

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