How to Use LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is a better alternative tool in improving the communication of your business.

If you want your business to be successful then aside from the social media today, you’ve got to try the LinkedIn.

Social Media vs. LinkedIn

Today, the social media is becoming more and more popular since it focuses on improving communication as well as help consumer business. If your business offers products, services, or consulting then the options you can get through social media are quite limited. You may not find many fans who will like your service page in one of those social Medias. As for these kinds of businesses, the LinkedIn is a far better alternative.

Tips when Using LinkedIn

First is to update or create your profile. Members of your business should have a LinkedIn profile. Let them create one or update their profile regularly. Then, create a company profile. The LinkedIn can now be able to create your company profile for you. It will list some information about your company and also all your members who work for you. Next is to join as many groups as you can possible manage. This can make you look important but be very careful because at certain point, having more groups are unmanageable.

The value of the social media is to participate and be sociable. Get involve and be active in some discussions. Answer only the ones that really match the area of your business expertise. You should also run a question and answer or a poll. Just be sure to answer others poll from time to time. Update your status regularly by sending the same way as Facebook and Twitter updates. Status update should contain your interesting article, or a completed project, or a bit of your research, etc. You should log in once or twice per week. Find time in doing these things. You should be able to finish all the updating and question answering in less than an hour per week.

When participating, strategy is a must. You should use the power search to target people’s phrases who are asking questions. Just use your network. This should help you gain more new leads and make connections afterwards. Keep in mind that people will likely to give referrals to those people who also give them referrals. When you create your LinkedIn profile as well as join groups, you are setting up contact preferences, so every action that you will do can be included and seen in the updates emails that your network can get. Then, every time that your name or activity is seen by someone in your network will be reminded that you exist and your business is still on the go.


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