How to Train New Employees

The most basic thing to remember when you are about to train a new employee is to put yourself in the trainee’s shoes. You have to remember the emotions that you have felt on your first day with your new job. The anxiety, apprehension, as well as confusion that you may have felt during that day may be the same emotions that being felt by your trainees. Thus, by doing this you will be able to understand your trainees more.

Plus, you will be able to know what area they need to be trained more since you were in the same position when you are also a newbie.

If you have been assigned to train new employees, aside from placing yourself in the position of your new employees, there are other specific tips on how to train them. The following are some of the things that you might want to consider before you start training your new co-workers.

  • Deal With Your Attitude

    When dealing with your attitude, you have to make sure that the first thing for you to address is your patience. Having a long patience is one of the main features that not only a trainer should possess but also to mentors as well as teachers. You have to cultivate this feature most because you are going to need most of it when you are already in front of your trainees. This is because there will come a point wherein you will be tempted to lose temper and later on be irritable. This is normal. However, if you have trained yourself to be patient then this problem will be easily dealt with. One of the most common ways of being patient is counting from one to ten before answering a repeated or annoying question.

  • Familiarize Them With The Company

    Familiarizing them with the policy of your company is very important. You can have the policy handbook or the procedure guide as your aid in this situation. Underline or highlight the paragraphs that a new employee would probably have some problems or question with and discuss these paragraphs clearly.

Then take them to a tour of the company. This way, you will not only show them the dos and don’ts of the company but they will also get familiar with the place. When snacks or lunch break is near, take them to the cafeteria. Socialize with them. This will add an informal factor to your training process. This is the time where you are going to explain to them the company events.

Do not forget to introduce them to your co-workers who are already veterans in the company. In this case, you have to introduce them to those who you think are willing to help trainees as they work in your company. Provide them sources of information that they may read once you are not around or they already went home. Give them web sources, manuals, books or anything that may inform them of the company. This way, they will have more knowledge about your company and the next day that they come to work, they are fully prepared of what lies ahead of them.


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