How to Start Your Own Birthday Card Business

Selling handmade birthday cards can be very lucrative to business. Net income from handmade birthday cards and gifts can be used to save extra amount of cash and even to establish a regular means of earning.

Selling birthday cards can be a better money making idea that can come up your mind. To help you start up your business you might need the help of several tools that are available in your surroundings.

Produce and Personalize Handcrafted Birthday Cards

Starting with personalize handcrafted cards for your business can be very different from others in the same business. You can also order from different artisans but this can lessen the profit ability of your business you need to pay for the gift cards you are about to sell. You have to decide for yourself whether you want to make your own birthday cards or not. In creating your own birthday cards you can use pens, rubbers stamps, and other decorative materials that you can use to create beautiful gift cards.

Find your Market and Set the Price of your Cards

Finding a market for your personalized birthday cards and gift cards is one of the most challenging works. Your first customer can be your friends, relatives, co-workers, and acquaintances. You can also ask the help of your friends and relatives to spread the word about your new birthday card business. Search in your area for families where they have children or relative that are about to have a birthday. Another that you have to be certain in starting your birthday card business is the prices or your creations. You have to consider that market that you are about to sell your products to its price. It should be cost effective, affordable, and cost competitive.

Market and Sell you Handmade Gift Cards

You can sell your handcrafted gift cards and birthday cards to birthday stores and shops. To do this, you have to canvass from different stores and shops to find which are willing to order from you. Nevertheless, this can have are advantages and disadvantages on this approach. If the shop decides to order from you from you on a regular basis you have a regular customers and the cash flow of your business will continue its cycle. However, since the shop owner or store owner is ordering in a bulk he might ask for discounts.

Advertise Offline and Online

Use different kinds of media medium to advertise and promote hand crafted birthday cards. You can advertise your products through radio broadcast, TV commercials, and even online. The best way to advertise and promote your product can be doing it online. You neighbor and probably people living in nearby areas know that you are selling handmade business cards but people from all round you do not know at all.


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