How to Start Your Acting Career

Many people are dreaming to be part of the acting industry. Unfortunately, just like any career, this is not an easy thing to achieve.

This is the reason why you need to be a star; you should know how to start your acting career.

Are you a neophyte in the acting business and you are still unsure if the things that you do are actually right? Or you are probably clueless as to where you will actually begin? In case that both of these questions get a yes, this is the good and perfect time to know how to start your acting career.

The Initial Steps

If you want to pursue the acting career, the first thing that you need to do will be to look up for casting offices in your locality as well as talent agencies. Make sure to check the Regional Theatre Directory in your area to know their policy regarding auditioning and to learn more information about upcoming and local projects.

In Depth Checking

Look for those advertising agencies which have clients shooting on-camera ads as well as print ads that are commercial. Check if your area has offices of Equity, AFTRA or SAG and discover if they have all the highly regarded talent agents within the locality. Through the local office of cultural affairs or courthouse, you can also check the theatre directory in your region.

Get All the Needed Contacts

See to it that you will also check the section on culture and arts of the newspaper in your locality for the place’s shows, plays, events and theaters. Note all the venues and where these will be taking place and call them for the needed information. You can also contact the photographers in your locality to check if they also have some contacts with actors, casting directors as well as ad agencies. Casting and agencies directors usually refer the actors to some headshot photographers.

Look for What You Need to Look For

If you are really determined to enter the scene of acting business, there is a need for you to be property educated and this will be best achieved for looking for acting teachers, acting coaches and acting schools in your place. You can also look for casting offices which cast extras and even if they might be in big cities like Los Angeles and New York, try to sign up with these offices. See to it that you give them your best headshot, cover letter and resume. But make sure that you will let them know where you are residing. In case that you are not residing in these big cities where numerous movies and extra works are being offered, you can always ask them to give you a ring, especially if they will shoot some work in your locality. See to it that your resume is something that will attract the attention of casting directors for you to be sure that you have an acting career to look forward to.


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