How to Start Clay Business

Clay is a naturally occurring mineral which hardens when heated. This mineral is often used in creating pots, vases, or decorative materials. In starting a clay business, you should consider what products you would sell.

Since clay can be used in creating different pieces, knowing what particular product to focus on will give you an edge over your competitors.

If you do not have that much of a skill in creating products out of clay, hiring an experienced potter is a thing you should consider. Here are some tips on how to start a clay business:

Before even starting your clay business, you should think about your budget or capital. This will dictate the scope of your business. This will also tell you if you can afford high-end equipments or not. In case you only have limited capital, you can always purchase used equipments.

If you are not knowledgeable in creating products out of clay, seeking advice from experienced clay artists would help you in determining the things you need to do and sometimes the things you need not to do. You can also attend seminars to know the basics on how to create pieces out of clay.

Now that you already know the fundamentals of clay art and able to create pieces, do not sell your products yet unless you are sure that someone would like to buy it. Selling mediocre pieces is a thing you should avoid because you don’t want your customers to come back to you and say that the piece they bought has inferior quality. You should first develop your skills in clay art by asking close friends for their opinion on your work. Accept criticisms and take them as challenge to improve your work.

After being able to create products with good quality, the next step is actually selling them. But always keep in mind that you are running a business, not an art museum, that is why selling your creations is a must and that is the reason why you decided to start the business in the first place; to earn.

Promoting your products by advertising or just by telling close friends. Advertising doesn’t work all of the time that is why telling friends, relatives, or significant others would be such a great help in promoting your products. If your products are really good, gaining customers is really not a problem.

Now that you know the things to consider in starting your own clay business, you should be able to start your business with ease. Also, if you choose not to make your products yourself you can always hire someone to do them for you. But do not hope that you will take all the credits for your products.


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