How to Start a Traffic School Business

Have you ever attended a traffic school and though that you can be a better instructor? To open up your own traffic school business requires a great deal of requirements for you to pass as an instructor or operator.

There are lots of rules from the state courts and DMV that you need to be approved of.

The top priority in knowing how to start your own traffic school business would surely be having the approval for your business name. The court lists for each state are released during unpredictable times of the year and hence it is very essential that you prepare your planning time well. These lists are the tools for you to acquire students for your school. There are numerous courts that work hand in hand with a liaison to monitor the traffic schools to make sure that every program is ran well.

Keeping In Mind the DMV

The DMV would usually take around four months to conduct their comprehensive background check on you. This is important to have a basis if you are really qualified to be a business owner of such. Hence, there can be no better tip but to complete your requirements and make sure that everything is well approved by the states and the courts so that there won’t be any hassle. If you think that you will not be able to fulfill these requirements early on, hence this business is not totally recommended for you. Check out also the handbook of the traffic school program which you can easily find in the site.

The handbook will make you knowledgeable of all the rules and regulations along with the qualifications that you need to know as a potential instructor or operator of a traffic school business. It is the best tool you can ever find once you decide to set up this business. Some of the most popular DMV requirements include the following: $2,000 surety bond, insurance certificate, office space to run your business operations, live scan fingerprint, purchase approved 8 traffic school lesson plans, etc. Your choice of a classroom will also be inspected by a DMV inspector.

On Setting up Your Office

Do not rent out a huge space for your operations office if you will not hold classes. This can save you a great deal of money and just find a minimum space of 100 square feet. It is just important that you have a special place where you can hang in there all your licenses and have a proper filing cabinet for your student records. In fact, you can just rent out temporarily some spaces each time you would need to hold classes for your students. Do not forget the importance of you having passed at least 500 hours for an established traffic school yourself.


  • Carlo Monzon said on November 28, 2013
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