How to Start a Spa Party Business

According to experts, before you start in venturing to a business you need to be sure that you have the heart in doing it because if not, that would just fail. If you are the type of person who loves partying, then one of the businesses which will work for you is the spa party business.

In this article, the tricks in order to succeed in this type of business will be discussed.

Today, women love to celebrate together with their other girlfriends and one of the latest and freshest trends in an all out celebration is a spa party. Family and friends can enjoy a pampering either at the spa or at the home of the hostess. In this kind of business, you must be adept with how the beauty industry functions because you and your crew will be providing beauty services to women customers. Did you know that this is a very lucrative business that will also provide you a rewarding feeling?

Tricks in Starting Your Own Spa Party Business

To get started, the things you need to ensure the success of your spa party business are the following: business plan, business license, budget, supplies and staff.

The business plan will serve as the foundation of your business so it needs to be drafted very well because it will help you succeed in no time. You also need to establish long-term goals for the business which includes your financial expectations. You also need to ask yourself if you need a loan. This will help you in figuring out a start-up budget for your business. In addition, you also need to have some other considerations such as the methods to be used in organizing your business, fee schedule and marketing ideas as well. Being detailed is one of the most important factors that you need to bear in mind.

Next, you must prepare yourself in filling out and submitting the needed paperwork. To make sure that your business is a legal one, you have to register it with the Department Revenue in your state. Format and fees differ by site but you need your business name to be registered. You also have to pay required fees to set up your tax account and get your tax number that will serve as the ticket in purchasing supplies from the wholesalers. To avoid lawsuits, you also need to purchase your business license.

After that, you can already begin in the hiring process. Make sure that the applicants will be screened strictly to make sure that they can really cover both small and large parties. The crew which includes cosmetologist, massage therapist, manicurist and hairdresser also need to have their licenses for the establishment of expertise and reliability.

Next, you can already begin purchasing your supplies. In spa parties, customers must be supplied with plush towels, eye masks and robes and slippers. Other items also need to be replenished such as cosmetics, nail polish, snacks and bottled water. You can also provide them with goody bags filled with you spa sample products.


  • Ashunti said on April 8, 2018
    Please contact me for assistance regarding the process of starting a mobile spa business. Thank you!
  • Darla Amos said on June 5, 2018
    I am looking into starting up a mobile spa party bus for little girls parties. Does the person performing the mani/pedi on the little girls have to be licensed? Do I have to have a chauffer's license even though the "bus" will be parked for the entire party and no children will be transported in the unit?


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