How to Start a Pyramid Business

Pyramiding is one of the businesses today which is proved to generate money in the fastest way possible.

If you would like to try your fortune in this kind of business, then you need to check out some tips on how to do this well.

This article will pave the way for you to know the how-tos which you can make use for your success.

This kind of business simply generates through the recruitment of members and putting them into a certain multi-level instructure just like a pyramid. Money is then distibuted to the members in higher levels. In this busines, no service or product is offered that is why it if often considered illegal. But you can still perform ways on how to make it legal. By having a careful and orgfanized planning, this business will work best for you especially if you will combine entrepreneurial skills.

Tips on Starting a Pyramid Business

Most of the pyramid businesses fail because it involves highly priced products and only money is the thing which is exchanged. In exchange for the amount of a cash ihnvestment, there must be a certain service or product that must be offered whcih will pave the way for the continuous income generation for the members.

In order for you to have participants, you need to develop a very persuasive and convincing way of communication skills. Yes, there are already several pyramid businesses which failed in the past few years so you need to come up with a plan which is different from the others. Aside from money, your capital must also be a thick skin because some people may reject this kind of business. By proving them that your business is something different than the others, it is most likely for you to gain their trust and confidence.

You also need to establish a membership of your friends and relatives first to member in your business. This will pave the way for new members to join your business especially if they see that the people around you are supporting you.

In order for the existing members and potential members to know how your business works, you need to show them the process. With the use of a diagram, you must be able to illustrate the cash generation and the amount of money the participants can have during a specific span of time. You also need to be very realistic so that people will not get discouraged on thinking that your business is a scam. By downplaying the so-called get Richie rich quick aspect, everything will be on the right track.
Next, you have to carefully assist members below your level to help them demonstrate well the pyramid business venture to new members. In this kind of business, you must be able to gain more people to join you.


  • Allen said on July 10, 2012
    Dear Sirs/Madam, I have a Canadian federal corporation company . My home based business is importer silver jewelry . My product is unique and luxury. I'm interesting this kind of business simply generates through the recruitment of members and putting them into a certain multi-level in structure just like a pyramid. Please advise how to start a pyramid business including combine entrepreneurial skills. Best regards, Allen
  • Claudio Ivan Villavicencio said on August 13, 2013
    Gilbert Arizona U.S.A. I'm a 33 years old looking to be Independent. Need ideas to start a bi lingual business for Spanish speaking exploding community.
  • Anna said on September 23, 2014
    My friend is making body products that are all organic and pure. I would like to help her start a pyramid business selling those products like for example: Avon or Arbonne. How do we start? What do we need to know?
  • Hunter said on February 3, 2015
    Would like to have someone guide me thru or set it up for a small coffee company start up via Internet marketing
  • Kevin Shimotsuma said on July 11, 2015
    Hello, I am involving High Technology transfer business between US/Canada to overseas such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc. and import/ex export business. I understand that the key is quality and reasonable price product if we can start Pyramid business. Production capability can meet without having any problem. Please advise how I start the pyramid business without spending the large amount of investment money. Thank you.


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