How to Start a Housekeeping Business

Sometimes people can get too busy to clean their houses. What they do is hire someone to do it for them. You could be that someone if you are adept at household cleaning.

This business is easy to start and takes little capital to start. Interested? Learn the basics of this business from our guide.

Many people are too busy to do some household cleaning. What they do to keep their house tidy, clean and fresh smelling is to hire someone to clean their houses for them. If you are someone who can do such task well, housekeeping is a business you can start. What is good about this business is it needs little outright capital to start. Most small housecleaning businesses do not shell out cash until they get their first customers. You do not even need to have a storefront to start this business. At most, the space you’d need is an area to store your cleaning equipment and supplies. But what you really need is a telephone to receive calls from clients.

So how do you start this business? First, asses the potential of getting calls from people who would need housecleaning services in your area. This group of people usually belong to the middle class. If there are many families belonging to this category in a neighbourhood near you, the chances are high that you can strike a considerable housecleaning contract given an effective marketing.

Next, come up with a profile to show clients of your qualifications. It would be to your advantage if on top of your resume is a certificate of training for a cleaning program. Include one or two referrals from clients (preferably well-known figures). If you are just starting, you can offer a free service in exchange for a referral. Also prove your integrity by showing a police clearance and a clear background check. People would feel more comfortable letting you into their homes if they know you are clear of any criminal wrongdoing.

Another document that you should draw up is a work order. You will use a work order to set out in clear terms what are and what are not included in your services. Together with a work order, come up with your service rate. For this you need to decide whether you will be charging per hour or per housecleaning job. Make sure to know the existing rate in your area before coming up with your service fee.

Next you need to find clients. You can do this by asking for referrals from friends. You can also try coming up with a list of potential clients to call. Also you can post an advertisement in your local paper or bulletin. You can also distribute flyers in places most frequented by people like grocery stores, and community centres.

Be ready to purchase your cleaning equipment and solution once you get your first client. In order not to be caught unprepared, visit cleaning supplies stores to get an idea where to buy them once you get your first job order. What you need are buckets, vacuum, rags, broom, spray bottles, duster, brushes, polishers, wood cleaners, scouring pad and scrub, duster.


  • lorena torres said on July 28, 2011
    I want to start my housekeeping business, but i dont have any references, so i dont know what to do for get it some, even i dont how to get some houses for clean, because i've never been work in that kind of job, so i hope you can help me to get some houses for my begin and thanks for give us your advice .
  • Deepak said on July 26, 2013
    Dear Team, Please let me know which are the documents & registration required to open a housekeeping services business.


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