How to Start a Haunted House Business

Starting a haunted house business requires a great deal of effort and basic planning.

Nevertheless, you can definitely gain a great deal of profit in this business if you plan it right.

The Basic Planning

Starting off a haunted house business is an excellent idea that can scare your victims yet can earn you money. May it be the popular zombies, clowns, or scary monsters you will need a great deal of effort in bringing your idea to life. This is why the start off plan should be perfect so that you can guarantee success in scaring your victims and earning money. You will need a few basic planning then proceed to business plans, fire & building codes, licensing, safety, insurance, and many other things.

Start with a great scary image or design on your haunted house that will definitely scare all your victims and earn you a fortune and be ready to bring it to life. Do some planning as well as effective layout. Consider things like layout of the building, construction of the haunted house, safety, actors, prop construction, marketing and advertising, building and fire code, payroll, security, parking and traffic before opening. Write down all that you can think of in relation with the mentioned topics above – its cost and the amount of estimated time needed to implement it and many more.

List down subtopics for each main topics mentioned above like for example for the actors, will they be paid or just volunteers, will you provide their costumes or they will be the one who will provide it, who will be responsible for their makeup, what time and where will they eat during break time, how will you record the payroll, etc. The actor topic has widened having new lists as many as the main set of topics. There is definitely so much work when starting and running a haunted house business that earn profits.

In general, you should start up a haunted house business only if you have a few business experiences or some management experience. If none, then you should hire people who can help you in the business. Do not engage into a haunted house business if you have not yet perfected your business plan and perfected your list. Just write everything that you can think of that concern the business and write how you can implement them in the start. This will determine if you can success in the business. By writing all down, you can definitely see what are the things that you need to focus and the things that you should prioritize first.


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