How to Start a Computer Recycling Business

How would you like to start your very own computer recycling company? In this day and age of fast technological advances, a new computer today can be easily rendered obsolete tomorrow knowing how fast these things get upgraded.

The old, discarded computer parts end up in our garbage, useless but very destructive to nature.

The only logical solution to finding use for these discarded materials is starting a computer recycling business. Unknown to most of us these discarded computer hardware is a wealth of different resources that can be sold back and become a source of income. In fact it is a steady source of money for thousands of people around the world. So how can we become a part of them, who earn money from recycling and help the rid the world of some toxic materials at the same time? What do we need to know before we can start a computer recycling business? There are two basic requirements to starting a computer recycling business. First you must have a thorough working knowledge of the computer’s manufacturers and mechanism; second, you must be familiar with the recycling business and the issues affecting its markets. Acquire these, and you will be able to keep your company afloat.

If you decide to start a computer recycling business, you must have an area allotted for disassembly space. The area should be equipped with a conveyor belt, a CRT (cathode ray tube) crusher and a storage area for the separated metal and glass parts. Workers should be required to use protective gloves and glasses to prevent injuries while performing their jobs which include separating wires, plastic and metal parts from the computers.

The recycling business offers the following services to the community:

  • Collection of the used computers from their owners
  • Restoring or repairing of the used computer for possible resale
  • Disassembly and separation of the different parts of the computers for resale as scrap.
  • Shredding of the whole material and resale as scrap
  • Selling of the individual parts of the computer

The customers of a computer recycling business are commonly the government offices, businesses and other agencies and like most businesses, for it to be successful; it must fill a demand that hasn’t been met by other similar businesses. Another matter that has to be taken into consideration is the adequacy of supplies coming from different sources as well as the end-market which will utilize the products that would come out of the recycling process.

When going into the computer recycling business, you must be able to market your services and products to the community. You must encourage the community to let go of their old computers by posting colorful flyers and posters for everyone to see. Let them know of the benefits of recycling and the good it does to our planet. Join forums where you can let everyone know about your business. You can also advertise with the local media.


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