How to Set Up a New Company

Setting up a new company is a long and complex road. It requires lots of courage and knowledge before starting down the path.

However, it is worth to pursue despite of the bumpy route because creating a business is rewarding.

Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business are happy in taking the path of starting a new company. Nevertheless, in setting up new venture it is good to identify the business structure that is a tough decision to make. In this stage you need to think about the location, the financing as well as the business plan of the company you want to start. As much as possible you should secure all the necessary permits and licenses required by the state in order to ensure that you would set up the company in the right manner. Otherwise, it would result to fines and penalties in case you fail to comply with all the legal procedures.

Steps to Follow

Determining the business structure of the company is the first step to consider. There are several business structures that you can choose in running the business such as sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership, Limited Liability Company and corporation. Whatever structure you may choose it has its own tax ramification and legal issues. That is why before deciding to choose which business structure to use it is necessary to know its nature as well as the issues involve. Keep in mind that the business structure plays important role on how you will run the business.

The next step in setting up a new company is to choose the name of the company. Usually, the name of the company depends on the business structure you are using. Again, there are many requirements you need to meet in choosing the name of your company. It is not that easy to choose a name because you should conduct first availability search in the website of the Secretary of State. You can only use the name in case there is no similar name registered in the website. After creating the name of your company, you can proceed on applying for tax ID number in the state. You can inquire from the concerned agency about the requirements in applying for tax ID number. The good thing is that you can apply for tax ID number through phone, mail and even online. Applying online is the most convenient and fastest way of obtaining the tax identification number.

Other requirements in setting up new company include registration of the business and securing of permits and licenses. The permits and licenses depend on the structure of your business as the agency will ask about the business type. That is why you should bring all the documents regarding your business when applying for business registration.


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