How to Open a Shoe Shining Business

Proper and creative planning of your business is very important to achieve success. There are a lot of factors that should be considered before opening a shoe shining business.

In this article, you will find ways and guides that will give you ideas on how to open it.

When you heard the phrase shoe shining business, your first impression is that you may think of it as something not profitable. You might also think that it is very awkward to shine shoes of other people, or it is a business for poor people who have no jobs and are uneducated. Sorry, but you are wrong. Do you know Harry Klein? He is one of the successful entrepreneurs, the proud owner of The Klein Shine which is the most successful and well-known shoe shine company in North America. If you want to be like him, here are some things that you might want to know.

Start Your Business

This is a kind of business that does not require a big capital but might give you high profit. It is not impossible that you can be as successful as Harry Klein if you will plan to start this business. Here are some guides you can use in starting your shoe shining business.

Create a Business Plan

Starting a business needs a good and excellent planning. You must think of the needed materials for your shoe shining business. Determine the kind of shoe shining business that you like to begin. Look for a good location where you can put up your business. Think of the places that you consider being the perfect location find many customers.

Know the Needed Supplies or Materials

If you plan your business to be in a form of a shoe shine stall you need to prepare the needed materials in shining the shoes of your future costumers. You must have a place for your customers to sit down while you are shining their shoes. An expert shoe shining equipment consist of wax, daubers, brushes, shining cloths, leather protector, shoe horn, applicator brushes, as well as a shoe rest.

Make an Excellent Advertisement

Proper and excellent advertisement of your business will help you invite a large number of customers and clients. Good and appealing advertisement is one key to make the start of your shoe shining business a success. You can use flyers and business cards in promoting your business. Your character as a person is also important for your business. You must possess a pleasing personality, be friendly and confident in order to invite clients. In this way, you will earn big profit and it will also give you the benefit of finding new friends that can help you with your business.

These are some tips that can help you in planning your business. Another advice for people who want to have their own business is that they should not be afraid of taking risk. No one tastes the sweetness of success without taking risk.


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