How to Make Money Writing a Blog

Do you believe that you can earn profits with your blogs and do you know how to make money writing a blog?

Serious bloggers are now making their blogs as an avenue of earning unlimited incomes by attracting a large traffic of readers to visit their blog site, here are some tips making money writing a blog.

The Popularity of Making Money by Writing a Blog

At this modern day with the advent of internet technology, most online users are using their blog sites as a way of generating reasonable amount of profits by just posting their blogs to draw a large traffic and then presto…the money will start to count in. The process is very easy as soon you are knowledgeable in using a computer or laptop and has plentiful of ideas in mind to write a blog. Technically, you don’t need to be a programmer or web designer to create your own blog site since we will teach you on how you can be part of the ever-growing business of making money by writing a blog. Just follow these simple steps and tips that we have set for you.

The Steps

So, how could you make money with your blogs? The principle of making money using the internet and your blog site is simply drawing a large traffic of visitors in your website. This may sound so simple but it is reliably true in the sense that your blogs should be powerful enough to attract the attention of the online users and draw them to pay a visit in your website. Unlike other online businesses, the process of creating your own website can be as simple as the ABC alphabet. First, write down blogs with subjects and topics that you think most online users are interested to read on then you will need to post it on your blog site. Your website is very important in attracting your visitors you need to use a CMS (Content Management System) platform like the WordPress.

The WordPress is the most common CMS program used by many bloggers today due to its user-friendly features and the capability to acquire numerous plugins that are used in designing a website. However, if you have sufficient money to pay a web-hosting company then that would be your second option. Once you have established your blog sites then you can post there the blogs you made. Moreover, it is also advisable for you to learn the basics of SEO (search engine optimization) that will give you more chance to have a good page rank and a good position in the Google rankings as well. Making money will be easy if you can drive a large traffic into your website.
There are several ways on how to get paid on your blogs such as “pay per click” and affiliate marketing. These two methods are the most commonly used because bloggers can earn commissions based on the amount of traffic that they can draw on their websites.


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