How to Make Money at 12 to 14

In this tough financial time of ours, it is good that teenagers learn how to make money at their young age.

First of all, this gives them the entrepreneurial skills to earn money. Read on how teenagers can make money even at their young age.

It is a good idea to start children being an entrepreneur at the very young age. Say 12 to 14 years old. This is a good foundation that sooner or later, when they are out already of college and looking for job that they will have the temerity to own their own business and become financially independent. This seems to be a very intelligent way to rear children knowing that there are a lot of downsizing and layoffs happening in the corporate world.

Now if you have children or a 12 to 14 year old, knowing how to make money at this age will be a good start for you for a brighter, financially rich older life. There are many ways how to make money at 12 to 14 years old and here are tips how to do it.

Interest and Hobbies on Making Money

There is no doubt that there are lots of ways wherein how to make money at 12 and 14 can be done. Imagination and natural entrepreneurial skills is easy to come for these children. But one point to brainstorm on how to make money at 12 to 14 can be done by looking closely at the money-making potentials in one’s interest and hobbies.

For example, if one is interest or have a hobby of collecting comics this can be turned into a part-time business after school. One can create a makeshift store at one’s garage and make this the place where one can rent his comics for a minimum fee. In the long run this makes money for the 12 to 14 year old and at the same time has instilled in him an entrepreneurial skill.

Go for the Proven Ways on Making Money at 12 to 14

Sometimes, or probably most of the times, in the case of how to make money at 12 to 14, the proven ways are already set for the teen to do and follow. It seems there is already a way for these teenagers to earn money without brainstorming a lot. What it takes is just some motivation and the will to do it.

Here are some examples on how to make money at 12 to 14: babysitting, dog washing, busking, selling on eBay, collecting for charity on commission, gardening and running errands.


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