How to Make a Worm Farm at Home

Weird as it may sound, there is really a worm farm. And these days, worm farms have already become a major hobby of individuals, as proven by those people who tried this kind of hobby.

This is the best time for you to be aware how to make a worm farm at home to see if it will also give you good fruits in the end.

Starting a business right in your own house is the latest trend of earning extra income these days, especially when you are bored. While most are into online home businesses, there are still plenty of people who opt to stick to the traditional and real-world hobbies. And one of these is none other than worm farming. In case that you are interest to know how to make a worm farm at home, there are some things that you must know first.

The Worm Farm Business

Worm farming is actually one simple way for you to turn fruit and vegetable scraps into good soil amendment or potting soil for your plants in the house and your garden plants as well. This is something that you can do all throughout the year, both by home owners and even apartment dwellers. Worm farming is very useful especially for those who the food scraps they have to be composted but lack the needed space in having compost bin in their backyard.

Getting Started

When you start your worm farm, there are several things that you need to secure first, such as:

  • Container made from plastic or wood
  • Worms
  • Bedding material
  • Food

When you make your worm farm, see to it that the container you choose is water tight and as much as possible, keep your worms in the dark for they are happier that way. As for the worms, red worms are suggested to be used and they are known to be the manure worms or red wrigglers. Never use night crawlers and earthworms since they are not fit for this kind of job. For your bedding material, you can begin with shredded newspaper that is moistened and not wet. Use the pages that are black and white and avoid the colored ones for you might just find your worms wanting to surrender the job. Add now some garden and not potting soil and two crushed shells of egg. Keep it damp but not practically soaking for they might just drown and fail to carry out what they are supposed to do. Your worms can be fed with vegetable and scraps as well as the starchy ones such as bread, pasta and oatmeal.

Needs of Worms

Your worms will need oxygen so make sure that there is a partial opening in the lead for the air to circulate. The bedding should also be turned using a trowel periodically so that air circulation of the farm will be improved. Since red worms often reproduce, you will see some tiny cocoons of oval shape in the farm’s bedding which means that the nature has took its course already. When these cocoons are hatched, there will then be small white worms. Egg shells from the poultry will give them the calcium that they need for reproduction.

Farm Your Worms

Worm farming is not really easy but with your dedication and hard work is something that will assure you somewhat good results for it.


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