How to LLC your Business

Forming an LLC for your business can be actually a lot easier than forming the business itself.

There are some necessary things to do but they are all easy to accomplish.

There are 5 easy steps on forming LLC for your business. LLC is very helpful to a business. Some people fear of taking the needed steps on forming LLC or Limited Liability Company because they think that it is such a difficult task and very complicated. Do not be afraid because you may find that LLC may be a lot easier than establishing a corporation. It is not as difficult as you think and the steps that you will follow are very easy and will assure you an LLC.

Finding your LLC Name

You must think of a name that is not yet used by other company and follows the rules and regulations of your state about LLC. Find out about these rules by contacting the people or office in the government that controls corporations and LLCs. Your LLC name must be original and must demonstrate that your company is an LLC. You can place “LLC”, Limited Company”, Limited Liability Company”, “Ltd. Liability Co.”, etc. Just be sure that your name does not include words that are not okay by the state law. Also, do not infringe on other companies’ trademarks.

Next is to file the paperwork called “Articles of Organization”. There is a fee for this so be sure to pay it when filing. Some states charge more than $100 but usually it is around this amount. Then, make an operating agreement for your LLC. The agreement usually states the rights and the responsibilities of the LLC members. Some states do not require operating agreement but in case you are required to present it, create it. The operating agreement often includes the business interest of the owner in the LLC, the rights as well as the responsibilities of the members, the control regulations of the profits, etc.

Then there is also the publication of the LLC business in the local newspaper. The publication composed of the amount of time the notice will appear and the proof that the members met the requirement of publication. If the state you are registered requires a publication, then the local newspaper can be able to help you regarding this. Last but not the least is getting all the permits and licenses needed by your company. Your LLC will be registered officially within your state government upon completing all the mentioned steps above. However, you may be required to obtain few licenses and permits in order to go into your business. It may include the federal employer identification number, business license, seller’s permit (if applicable to your kind of business), and zoning permits.


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