How to Get Money for Recycling

The cool words today are recycle and reuse. Because of modern-day-man’s honest concern for the environment, there are many companies and businesses that already pay cash for those who sell their used goods.

You can get money for recycling and you just need a little information on what these recycled products are. Read and learn what they are.

The modern buzz words now are recycle and reuse. This is the anthem of a modern-day-man who takes responsibility about the health of Mother Earth. With this interest on how man can protect the earth from waste and how one can preserve its natural resources, it is a no surprise that there are many companies and businesses that are cropping up just to make profits out of this concern. For ordinary individuals the question is, how then can he get money from recycling?

There are many ways one can get money from recycling. One just has to be informed on the usual waste products recycling companies and businesses that pay for cash. The more you know about these waste products that are being bought by recycling companies, you can earn in return a little money and at the same time help in the preservation of the earth. Below are some items you may get money from recycling:

Used Glass Bottles and Tin Cans

There are states that have bottle bills and under this law you can redeem used bottles and tin cans for spare change. Stores usually pay from $5 to $10 per bottle and from this you can easily earn enough cash for something you want to buy from the same store. Stores usually ask for a deposit when you buy a bottled drink and they give it to you back when you return it to them. If your state has no bottle bill, then probably it is time for you to start lobbying for one.

All That Electronic Waste

In the age of the Internet and the phenomenon of upgrading every one and six months of your electronic gadgets, the world today is just flooded by what we call E-waste. Your computer and cell phones are just two of these E-wastes. The good news when you decide to upgrade your electronics is that there are companies and businesses that are willing to buy your E-waste. These electronic gadgets usually have lead, mercury and brominated retardants in them that can be recycled. Check out the internet for some of these companies and you can get money for recycling.


Gone are the days when trash does not get us cash. If you want to get cash for recycling, the easiest way it seems is by looking at your trash for recyclable materials.


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