How to Get Licensed to Sell Insurance

Are you planning to become an insurance agent but you don’t know the ways to get a license to sell insurance?

If you have a great knack in selling insurance and you’re not so familiar of the ins and outs of the said business then we will give you the guidelines on how to get licensed to sell insurance legally.

Great Rewards of Selling Insurance

Maybe you are wondering why many people are now getting a career in selling insurances as an insurance sales agent; this is because statistics show that the demand for insurances of private individuals and businesses are getting higher every year. The main reason why people are tempted to buy insurances is for economic protection, especially for health, businesses, properties like cars and boats, and even for untimely death. But being an insurance agent is not as easy as you think even if there’s no requirement for a degree course. Before an agent can sell the insurance it should be licensed by the state due to legal matters. So if you want to pursue a career in selling insurances and enjoy the great rewards of the profession then here are some steps on how to get licensed to sell insurance.

Simple Steps on How to Get Licensed to Sell Insurance

Before you can sell insurance to any person or business you need to get licensed first. Every state has their own rules and regulations regarding issuance of licenses for selling insurances so your first task is to know the requirements or pre-requisites. You can ask some local insurance agents in your area on how they obtained their licenses or go directly to the local licensure department in your state to conduct further inquiries. If the state requires you to undertake preparatory classes before taking up a licensure exam then comply with it. The state can’t allow you to take the licensure exam if you haven’t completed the preparatory class so study hard during the short course. Don’t worry regarding the licensure exam since the state will provide you a study guide for this. Please be guided that every insurance type has separate exams. For example, if you want to focus on selling life and property insurance then there is a separate test for it in order to be licensed on both insurance categories.

Upon the completion of the preparatory class then ask for the schedule of your exams. Fill-up first the application forms so you can get the scheduled date of your exams. There will be a separate schedule of examination if you plan to sell more than one type of insurance as we have mentioned earlier.

After you have passed the licensure examinations and received your licenses then you can now sell insurances legally. However, if the state still requires you for an advanced education to keep your licenses continuously then meet the terms.


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