How to Get Home Improvement Contractors License

In order for your vocation to be legal, you must be a licensed professional. Just in case you are planning to enter a home improvement career, you have to be aware of the information on how to get home improvement contractor’s license.

For this, it is best for you to read this article.

There are several stipulations that need to be followed once you want to know how to get home improvement contractor’s license. If you are abided with the right information, you will surely get the data that you are looking for.

Get the Application Form

The first step in obtaining home improvement license is to get the application form which will serve as your initial step in the registration process. The form is made available in an online means. But, you can also get this by contacting the numbers of the concerned licensing agency in your place. The form is also offered by the construction officials of the municipality where you wish to apply for the license.

Purchase Liability Insurance Policy

Right after you have already obtained the application form for licensing, you are now subjected to purchase liability insurance policy. Under this policy, it says that the contractor must be insured at a minimum of $500,000 just in case untoward and an unexpected injury or accident will occur while he is working. In filling up the registration form for your home improvement contractor’s license must include the following:

  • Insurance company name
  • Policy number
  • Expiration date of the policy

Accomplish Application Form

Once you are already done with the purchasing of liability insurance policy, the next stipulation is to finally complete the initial registration form for home improvement contractor application. The other data that must be present in the form are business type, place where you will put your business, information of your liability insurance policy, social security numbers and date of the business ownership.

Submission of All the Requirements

The next step that you have to do is to complete, read and sign the part of the registration form which is the disclosure statement. The information under the disclosure statement includes the criminal history concerning all parties. Aside from that, it also includes information percentage of interest regarding remodeling and contracting business. By the time that you are already finished with the disclosure statement, it is now your time to submit it along with the initial registration forms for home improvement contractor licensing. There is some sort of amount that will be asked from you. This is intended for the processing of your application. The amount varies from state to state as well as the mode of its payment. Based from the previous instances, the notice if the application is successful can be learned in several weeks. You can expect that a mail will be sent to you indicating the status of your application. If it was approved, there are documents that will be sent indicating how you could claim the license.


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