How to Get Bonded for a Cleaning Business

If you own a cleaning business, you need to get bonded or insured. If you have this, you are guaranteed that you can gain your client’s trust.

It is also one way of establishing effective business operation without suffering from any damages or losses.

Owning a cleaning business company requires great security to encourage more customers. It is the reason why businessmen engage to any bonding agencies. If you want to get bonded for a cleaning business, the succeeding paragraphs tend to discuss its various concepts and ways to achieve it.

Concept of Bonded Cleaning Business

The bonded cleaning business is a typical method that insures protection for both customers and the workers. If you have this, you are assured that you will never experience loss, damage and other incurred cost accidents. Businessmen who own a cleaning business deeply relies on this bond scheme or insurance to create perfect business negotiations and reach the satisfactions of their clients. But, getting bonds also requires accurate procedures. If you want to acquire this, you need to consider several factors.

Getting Bonded for Cleaning Business

Bonds serve great purpose in every cleaning company. In getting bonds, the first thing that you need to do is to search for the accurate bonding company. You can have this through searching online or in any phone books. Before getting your desired company, it is a must to weigh the capacity of any bonding company. You may ask several quotes to identify its rates. Basically, the premiums may reach 1-3 percent every year. After getting your preferred bonding company, you may submit an application form possessing the right cost. The transaction will become valid if the signed contract and annual premium payment care is acquired by the bond company.

Types of Bonded Cleaning Companies

There are two types of bonded cleaning companies and these are the surety and fidelity bonds. The surety bonds simply protect the company to avoid payment failure coming from the payee. It usually involves three parties such as obligee, principal and the surety. Fidelity bond, on the other hand, is a kind of insurance product that involves two parties and these are the principal and the carrier. It mainly protects the company from any theft employee. If your employee found guilty of the accused crime, the bond will automatically pay out.

Benefits of Having Bonded

There are several ways to get and use fidelity bonds. One of its main benefits is being strait forward and greatly protects your cleaning company from any hazardous incidents. It is also very cost effective and can also be used for promotions similar to surety bonds. In addition, surety bonds guarantee that you will perform your tasks as stated in your contract. Both types of bonds are very valuable. You can choose any types of bonds you desired for the improvement of your cleaning business.


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