How to Do Industry Analysis

Industry analysis is a marketing tool used in determining the viability of the market. Company management is needed to analyze the different aspects of the industry.

This is the best way to determine if the business is making profit.

One way of determining whether or not the business is making profit is through industry analysis. This marketing tool helps businesses identify the right kind of market that they should get into. However, in performing industry analysis it is required to know company management in order to analyze different aspects of the business such as the supply and demand, economic factors, competitors, government conditions and future conditions. These factors would help in making the right decision to invest the money in something more profitable.

Factors That Affect Industry Analysis

The economy is one of the few factors that are involved in doing industry analysis. It involves analysis of the raw materials, preference for goods substitute and expected profit. The cost of the raw materials is vital factor when undertaking industry analysis in order to know the saleable goods in the market. Likewise, analyzing the profit margins is also linked to the material costs as well as other sales prices and discounts. In this way, it can be easily determined if the company is getting profits. In addition, the consumer is given the chance to buy cheaper products that have similar performance just like the original item through substitute goods.

Moreover, analyzing the supply and demand is another factor involved in doing industry analysis. It helps the management know if there are enough consumers willing to buy the products in a specific industry. The best time to enter the market is when there is low supply yet high demand. In this way, the company can obtain competitive advantage. When the industry is oversold it would show declining demand. In case that consumers are not anymore interested about the present goods and services most likely there is great possibility that new competitor will lose money.

In addition, it is important to determine the number of competitors when doing industry analysis. In case there are few competitors available in the specific market it would mean higher prices. This is because the limited availability of goods makes the prices go higher. That is why when new competitor blooms in the market, existing companies tends to lower the prices in order to maintain their share in market. On the other hand, during price cuts new competitors would not able to match their product costs with the existing competitors. Likewise, through the industry analysis the company will have the chance to determine the standing of the company in the business cycle. It also helps to determine if it is viable to enter the market and if there is higher consumer demand as well as if it feasible to gain profit.


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