How to Buy a Business with No Money

It is in everyone’s dream to have their own business and be free from the environment of corporate work which can become tiring and boring sometimes. However, almost everyone is also having a hard time buying their own business because of shortage in their financial account. Thus, their dreams only remain as it is.

However, there are ways to break free from this financial bondage and own your own business.

Seek For a Business Partner

One of the ways of buying a business with no money is to find your business partner. This is one effective means in order for you to have a business in spite of having insufficient capital. You can have a partner in the person of another individual or an investor already. This is a very appealing option that is if you know someone who will be interested with your business idea and possess the sufficient amount money in financing it. Thus, you must present your business plan to them to the very best of your skill and your convincing power. In this case, tell them that you are going to provide every bit of your experience as well as your operational support in running the business while they will fund it for you.

Ask the Help of Your Family and Friends

You can also buy a business even if you do not have money to finance it with the help of your ever reliable family and friends. Seek for their help, they are the ones who are easier to convince and who will support you all the way with your business plans. There will also be mutual trust between you and your family or friend which is one essential element when building a business.


If however, they cannot lend you a hand, then you might want to consider business lenders. They are sure to help. Turn to private companies that finances business or to the peer-to-peer lending organization. If this will be the case, you can find them in the Internet. There are many websites concerning lenders wherein you can search through each of the database of the lenders who can potentially help you in financing your business. Once you have chosen any of these online lenders, you can now send to them your business proposal’s details.

Grant Opportunities

Aside from that, you can always count on the grant opportunities that can either be rewarded by your respective state or some of the private organization offering the same. In this case, make sure to be patient in looking through every of the government grants that you might pass or qualify for. You can always find these grants in the internet and search for the official website of your state government. From this website, you can acquire all the needed information you need in order to apply for a grant and then begin your business.


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