How to Become FBI Agent

Are you planning to become an FBI agent? You’re in luck because in this article, you will know the different requirements to achieve your dream career. You will also know more about this exciting profession.

As an FBI agent, you need to have the right knowledge and skills to become competitive enough.

The Requirements for Becoming FBI Agent

You can choose among different bachelor degree programs like Information Security, Computer Forensics, Biology, Criminal Justice, Cyber Crime or Computer Crime and other related courses. If you graduated with the degree cyber crime, information security, or computer forensics, you can easily be hired even if you don’t have enough work experience. You need to identify the requirements first so that you will know if you’re qualified. To get information about application or employment, you can just visit the official website of FBI or you can also go to the physical FBI office in your area.

Application is really competitive and rigorous. You need to have a unique skill like advanced degrees in college, specialized skills in computer operation, and speaking a foreign language fluently. You need to be a US citizen, at least 23-37 years old, accredited 4-year degree or course, at least 3 years work experience, driver’s license, and you should be willing to work for special assignments regardless of location. There are also physical requirements and the authorities will also conduct a thorough background check. You will be required to attend a training program that will last for 22 weeks in the FBI Academy in your state.

Expected FBI Agent Salaries

Upon entering the service, you can earn around $51,000 annually but the special agents are able to earn more. Their salaries can range from $61,000 to $69,900 and this will depend on where they are assigned. If you pursue advanced education, you can earn more than these values especially if you’ve gained a lot of experience.

Working with the FBI is a noble and prestigious job. Take note of the disqualifying factors so that you can avoid them – conviction of a felony, default in the payment of your student loans, and using illegal drugs. You should try to live your life with no complications so that when the background check is conducted, your name will be cleared. The initial examination is usually more like a personality check. The agency is very strict in the selection of their personnel so you need to possess the right attitude and personality. When you pass the initial testing phase, this is where the real battle begins. The exams will be detailed and quite long. Your application will also be evaluated thoroughly. After passing, you will not proceed to Phase 2 where you will undergo drug testing, physical exam, security interview, background check, credit check, psychological testing, etc.

When you pass the rigorous exams and trainings, you can now serve the state or federal government.


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