How to Become a Licensed Daycare

If you are a woman who wants to balance your life in career and family, why not venture into the daycare business? This is considered to be one of the most ideal home-businesses that are designed for people who love children.

In this article, you can get the best steps on how to become a licensed daycare provider.

If your degree is all about providing the best daycare service to both parents and children, you are highly qualified to have a daycare at home. To know how to be a licensed daycare provider, you need to digest the succeeding paragraphs.

Becoming a Licensed Daycare Provider

In order for you to get a license, you need to meet all the requirements of your state. So, you need to check with your local state office to know them. But you need to know that the general requirement is for you to be 18 years of age with Social Security number. You also need to have at least two years experience of looking after children. There are also states that provide training before you can be issued of the daycare professional license. There are also states that are not so strict with the requirements so they only need your high school diploma.

The next thing you need to consider in obtaining a license is the reputation of your family. This is a very important aspect since you will be conducting your business at home. To secure that the children will be safe, there are also states that will conduct a health check. So make sure that before the staff of the licensing department will visit your home, it is on its best shape. You need to prepare for it well because it will be your career and financial security that will be at stake. You also need to know that if one of your family members has abuse complaint, your application for license will automatically be turned down.

Another factor that you need to consider for your licensing to be approved is the equipment you have at home. In running a daycare center, you need to be complete with the necessary materials and equipment that will help you gain the trust of the licensing department and the parents as well. The most common equipment and rooms you need to have are bathroom, kitchen, telephone and computer. Aside from proving the kids with lessons, you also need to prepare for them nutritious and clean foods at regular intervals.

Another important factor that you need to have is social attitude because this will help you obtain the license that you have always been dreaming of. You must be able to deal with different children having different color, race, attitude, religion and gender.


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