How to Become a Dog Breeder

Are you fond of taking care of different dog breeds and becoming a dog breeder suddenly comes out in your mind? If you have a big heart with dogs and you’re ready to take a new challenge of breeding the man’s best friend then here are some guidelines on how to become a dog breeder and be reputable on this rewarding career.

Breeding dogs can be a worthwhile career if you have a big heart on it.

Becoming a dog breeder handles great responsibility not only for his dogs but also to the community particularly to his neighbors. If you have a current job, you might consider leaving your career and shift to a new profession as a reputable dog breeder. However, you must bear in your mind that becoming a dog breeder can’t provide you large profits and it might take you years before you can earn from your hard work in breeding dogs. Taking these things into consideration will help you to decide if you want to pursue a fulfilling career as a dog breeder.

Once you have decided that you want to establish a career in breeding sophisticated dogs we will give you some viewpoints on how to become a reputable and respectable dog breeder. As a new dog breeder, your first goal is familiarizing the different breeds of dogs. Being knowledgeable about the numerous breed of dogs is a great advantage for your career. Read a lot of books and gather all the information you need on the ways of breeding dogs. The internet has a wide source of information and there are websites for dog breeders that can be useful for your new profession. Attending to several dog shows is another way to acquire more learning for your career.

When you think that you are now ready to breed dogs, you’re next step is to acquire the breed of dog you wanted to work with. This stage is very crucial since you need to own a purebred female dog that also belong from a good bloodline you must also be careful in choosing for the sire so you can produce good quality of puppies. Acquiring for the purebred female dog will require you a reasonable amount of capital especially if you intend to purchase more than one dog, not to mention also the kennel where you will breed your dogs and raise the puppies.


According to dog breeder experts, it is better to register your kennel first if you plan to breed more dogs in the future to the American Kennel Club. Choose a good name for your kennel and usually the puppies you will produce will carry its name which will serve as a way of promoting your kennel. Check with your local state authority if you need to acquire such permits for your kennel for legality sake.

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  • Rajesh Bhaskaran said on December 12, 2013
    I am located in oman. I am planning to start a dog kennel. And planning to breed dogs initially in one or two breeds pl advice


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