How to Become a Construction Estimator

If you want to become a construction estimator, you should possess relevant knowledge and skills of a professional estimator. Graduating from a relevant college course is ideal but this is not required all the time.

As long as you know the job and you’ve gained considerable experience, you can become one.

Duties of Construction Estimator

Two industries are currently in need of cost estimators – manufacturing and construction. If you’ve already decided on the career path to take, becoming a construction estimator can be very rewarding. As the estimator, it is your task to review figures and facts that pertains to a certain project. You have to determine pricing based on the expectations, percentages, and raw facts. To excel in the industry and become competitive, you need to gather relevant experience in construction management. If you’re still in college, you have to pick a degree where you can focus mainly on construction or related areas.

You can inquire at technical schools and community schools for specialized courses regarding construction estimating. Certain degree programs also include this subject. Regardless of the training you undergo, you have to ensure that you’re getting enough knowledge on construction procedures, materials, and costs. The very first thing that you need to do is to compile data and analyze it. You can be at an advantage if you excel in math and you can easily make calculations with confidence. You also need to know how to interpret blueprints and use the computer especially office systems like spreadsheet and word processing.

The Strategy

You can begin your career by becoming an assistant of an estimator. Finishing a college degree is a good move but is not required. As long as you know the basics and the job, you can easily work upwards. If you excel in your job and your employer is confident that you possess the skills and knowledge, you can be promoted and eventually become a construction estimator. You have to get in touch with seasoned estimators and learn everything you can about the trade. This is one opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. You also need to learn how to use software products and don’t forget to proofread figures before finalization.

With the right knowledge and skills, you will soon become an estimator. As you advance in the industry, you will enjoy higher pay. If you work hard, you can become a prominent project manager or perhaps you can start your own construction estimator business. With the construction industry steadily growing, entering the field is quite easy. You can also become a member of various organizations like Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering and the SCEA or Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis. You can easily improve your leverage if you also equip yourself with the latest trends in the market. Become an estimator today and you will surely earn great income.


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