Home Improvement Business Ideas

Starting a certain business from scratch requires preparation and finance. Home improvement business is considered as the easiest one to start for the reason that you could do it even if you are still working on another job at the same time.

Read on to determine the ways on how you can start your home improvement business without spending too much money.

Name of Company

The name of your company is very important, you need to have a unique name and it should be registered in your state you are living. You can opt to operate in various forms such as sole proprietor, corporation or LLC. However, there is also some liability and tax advantages with some of these forms but it actually depends on the situation, so it is best if you can consult it with a reliable accountant.

Licenses and Registration

Be sure to apply for the license because it is required for most countries. It’s depends on how much you decide on a certain license that you need to have. In fact some countries even involve taking certain test as requirement. In addition, it will also require an applicant to pay for workman’s compensation insurance. This information can be obtained from zoning office or offices.

Bookkeeping Needs

It is very significant to set up the bookkeeping because in any business it plays a very significant role. There is some software out there/ that can help you set up a program for book keeping. On the other hand, if you considering of hiring an accountant, they will help you accomplish your quarterly and end of year taxes. Be sure to keep the receipts and record each cent you expend like tools, advertisements and licenses. In the event that you are workouts into your home, there are some subtraction for the electric and room that you are using but make sure to be cautious regarding this because it is usually causes an audit.


Advertising is very important, so that your business will be noticed. In general, when an individual requires a repair job, they usually look down in their phone book. That is why make sure to obtain separate line from the phonebook. You can also get small box ad in a certain yellow pages. Word-of-mouth is one of the effective and cost-free advertising, you can ask your customer to advertise your business you can give them some discounts as return, they need to advertise your business with their family members, friends, relatives as well as colleagues.

Restaurants commonly have a place for fire stations, gas station bulletin boards, business cards and etc wherein you will able to think someone that will leave them. Make some door hangers, fliers and hand them on doorknobs. In fact you can also make some postcards or advertise on Craigslist too


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