Home Based Catalog Business

Are you a housewife who wants to earn money? If having a business is your goal, then that is the right idea. One of the hippest businesses today that you can venture into is the home-based catalog business.

This article will discuss how you can start off with this money-making opportunity.

According to experts, this kind of business is one of the most flexible. So, this implies that you can perform your duties as a wife and mother while running your own business. Isn’t it great?

Information About the Home-Based Catalog Business

So what is the first step in starting off with this business? Of course, you need to select the products that will be featured on the catalog. Just before making a decision, you have to assess your options. According to experts, the keys are saleability and product enthusiasm. In accordance with Seeking Alpha which is an online magazine, apparel items and foods are the ideal products because they are up even during the recession.

Next, you have to join Direct Mail Association also known as DMA. This is an association promoting partnerships between the wholesalers and retailers. You should also document the order of every manufacturer. The limit is from $25-$125 up. The trick to save your green bills on shipping is to purchase lots of wholesale items from only one source.

After that, you should draft a business plan. The business costs should be calculated and the number of products to sell must also be estimated. Bear in mind that cost analysis will determine how much you will earn so focus on the details. Flexibility must also be allowed because this is the way on how to expand your catalog easily.

You should also calculate the printing catalogs cost. Always remember that the biggest costs will always be the following: mailing costs, producing catalogs and inventory as well.

You should also hire a product photographer or a professional catalog because the former will create pictures with professional background and lighting while the latter will provide pricing information.

When the photographer is done with his job, you should instruct him to upload the photos to your PC or send them to a disk. This will allow you to make the catalog on your PC.

After writing the catalog copy, you should proofread it carefully. You should also create an item number for every product. To attract customers, you should also enumerate the benefits of the product and create a word description as well. To emphasize the product’s name, you should use bold type or all caps. Make sure that it is laid out well to establish your credibility.

Next, an order form should be designed. There must be a blank where the customers can write the following: cost, quantity, item number and product description. After that, you can already order the catalogs and distribute them though the bulk mail.


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