Gold Recycling Business

Recycling is not only possible in metal or in steel. Computers are also recycled but it is the gold which is most recycled part. It allows the owner to get higher profits from a defunct computer.

As a result, many are interested in making a business of their own that concerns gold recycling business.

As a business-minded person you want to dig deeper on what the business world has to offer. And now is the right time to adhere into a well-earned business you can start right now. Gold recycling business from a computer is possible because of its gold. Follow the necessary things contained in this article as you go to further reading.

Open Older CPUs with Gold Components

The computer or older computer is known to have gold as its functional piece. Now you know of what portion gold is located in a computer set. The first step that you need to do is to take the whole board out. Next is that, you must open the computer case to give you an access on the inside electronics. Always remember that the Central Processing Unit (CPU) must be unplugged first before dissembling it. Even the memory must be wiped first as you go on your work. These are done to assure you of being safe all the time while working on it. A small screwdriver is what you need for the first step that you must take. If you want to read more about the trash brought by high technology, make it your source of reading the Recycling Secrets.

Taking Out the Electronic Components

Once you get inside of the computer, you will take out the electric components. The memory chips and mother boards are what you can see inside. Thereby, that tasty bins should be pulled and lay it in a bin. Other parts as well as the case are recyclable. Separately, pack them for a responsible disposal. There is a study that has been conducted saying “1 metric ton (t) of electronic scrap from personal computer (PC’s) contains more gold than that recovered from 17t of gold ore. It means to say that for one computer there will be no enough gold for making you a rich businessman. Still, you have to collect abandoned computers so that you can collect all of the gold parts. Better search for ELECTRO IQ which can be a guide in removing silicone adhesive from the electronic components.

Separate Computer Pieces

Another important thing that you must follow is to separate computer pieces that you have collected. Recycling centers will ask you to separate it in to two, plastic or metals. Do not focus only with the gold and recycle electronics as well as the plastics. Now you will come on the fourth thing that you need to consider.

Taking all of the Computer Pieces in Recycling

You will see those shiny metallics in your computer and all of which are actually recyclable. You will get your precious metals once you bring your PC in the nearest recycle center. You can assure yourself that you can retrieve your gold. You can also search for the greenhome for further explanation about the topic.


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