Finding New Clients for Export Business

Companies involved in importation and exportation of goods are called as international traders. Importation is the purchase of goods from outer source. Conversely exportation is the sale of products in the international arena. Importation and exportation of goods is essential to sustain a developing economy. It is through exportation and importation that states derive high levels of income. Exportation covers a wide array of product and anything within the commerce of men.

While exportation promises enormous profit and business opportunities, it likewise require high amount of capital, paper works, labor, and legal concerns.

Export Agent

Exportation of goods is an encompassing task. Too often, businesspersons lacked personnel with sufficient expertise in exportation of products. There is also the inconvenience of travelling cross countries to deal with clients. This is why becoming an export agent came out as a profiting career. An export agent acts as a middleman between the client or foreign company and the exporting company. The help facilitate export transactions and help explain to clients relevant aspects of the dealings. Exports agents’ job may also extend in finding or matching buyers and sellers. They may also involve in fixing freight and shipments. Additionally, export agents help in widening an exporter’s target market. Export agents usually receive income in the form of commissions. The more complex work is, the higher is the commission.

Advertisements and Websites

In all commercial transactions and businesses, advertisements of varied kinds are necessary. This is especially true for companies engaged in exportation and importation of products. Players in the international arena must optimize all advertisements and promotions possible. This can be done through television ads or with the help of an export agent. Printed ads are old modes but are still effective. Recently, one of the most effective tools in winning clients is the use of websites. Websites are more efficient since they can be accessed by anyone anywhere. People who wish to obtain your services or products can easily access your company profile and transact through websites. Websites are also the best venue in introducing products for export. Include in the website a complete and reliable company background and information. Make sure to update data for any changes. Products may be presented with pictures and descriptions. Online reviews of products and services made by clients may also help in promoting the business.

The target market

Ascertaining the target market is of utmost importance. Companies engaged in exportation of goods must have a definite market. Those engage in exportation of goods may seek help or advice from consulate offices, international trade experts, chambers of comers, and other organizations concerned. For starters, exportation may be confined to selected states or foreign company. As the business grows, the market may be adjusted and made extensive. In finding clients for export business, also consider the geographical location. Exporting in foreign companies located in farther section of the world entails more expenses and freight. Thus, there must be sufficient funds to effect exportation of goods. This can only be possible if the company has already attained stability.


  • Abhishek chhetri said on January 12, 2017
    Sir I wanted start export business from india... The product which I wanted to export is the cotton
  • sanket said on April 28, 2017
    same question sir i want to start export of cotton but i dont have any buyers can u please help?
  • Solomon Ajayi said on January 10, 2019
    Good day sir, am sourcing for the buyer that is into agro product commodity like charcoal, cashew nut, Ginger, Grains ..Palm kernel.
  • JAYANTILAL DHOLAKIA said on March 24, 2021
    we wish to export cotton and silk fabrics, please help us for the customer in foreign countries and also we are also working for CHA, export clearing and forwarding work in Surat/Mumbai


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