Employee Dishonesty Insurance

Business and companies whether small or big are always looking for employees whom they can trust. Honesty in the working place is one of the most important things to have.

As you all know, one of the things that binds the relationship of employers and employees is by being trustworthy or honest in everything you do that is related in your work place.

Some companies are investing for an employee’s dishonesty insurance to make sure of their employees. It is because of an increasingly number of frauds in companies and the ones to blame are their dishonest employees.
Employee dishonesty insurance is applied upon the hired date of an employee. This will help protect the employer from frauds such as, loss of financial due to dishonesty of one or more employees. It will also protect the employer's security, money, and other valuable things.

Your company is at risk if you have employees whom you can't trust. That is why getting employee dishonesty insurance is one of the most important things to do to protect yourself and your company from people like these.

Here are some of the things that employee dishonesty insurance can do for you and for your company:

  • If one or more of your employees steal money, property, electronics, securities from your company, the insurance will cover your loss from these kinds of incidents.
  • If your employee intentionally damages your work place due to revenge which can put your business in to shame. The insurance will cover this kind of thing as well.
  • The insurance will fully protect your company against theft by your employees. No employee is allowed to complain about the insurance. They should all be covered by this rule from the employee dishonesty insurance.
  • If more than one employee commits the said crime, the insurance company will only cover the crime in a single basis or occurrence.
  • The time you caught an employee doing an illegal act is also important to the insurance company.
  • There are three types of protection that your employee dishonesty insurance can give you:
  • Employee dishonesty coverage, this is where it protects the company from employees who steals company information, records and other documents that are secured.
  • Fidelity bond is where a third party which is from the outside source. For instance one of your employee's friends stole something from your company.
  • Crime coverage this is where your company will be protected when an employee commit theft to your company.

No matter how you trust your employees, you should still consider having an employee dishonesty insurance to help you and your company be protected. Don’t you know that sometimes an employee’s dishonesty can bring your company down? Yes, this is true. Especially if they stole some of your securities such as, passwords and pin codes to all your bank accounts. You and your company will end up bankrupt which will make you and your family’s lives miserable. That is why insurance company offers you a security to all your assets.

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  • B.Moosavi said on February 12, 2012
    Dear Mr/Mrs, I am a management representative in an insurance company who is working in the insurance plans and I’m Enthusiastic to exchange information and experiences with you. Employee dishonesty insurance was very interesting for me and I would appreciate if you let me know more information about this policy for example premium amount , loss ratio , production premium and Profitability . Thank you, Yours truly, B. Mousavi


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