Cardboard Boxes Recycling Business

If you want to earn money, you can start up your own cardboard box recycling business. Just make sure that you'll give your time, effort, determination and perseverance to manage the business successfully.

Cardboard boxes are highly use nowadays, and a lot of these are used by food industry in packaging their products. And for that reason, cardboard is the largest source of waste in our community. Good thing that cardboard can be recycled and can be a good opportunity to start a business.

But before you start things out, there are things you need to learn about cardboard. Not all cardboards can be recycled, because there are those that are made in packing food products. You have to know the type of products that are used to pack using a cardboard. Some of the cardboards are treated with chemicals that contain cellulose fibers. Though this kind of cardboard can be recycled by undergoing a process where it is soaked and agitated in able to release the fibers, this can be done several times to reverse and remove the chemical in the cardboard.

But before doing that, you need to start in segregating waste by using boxes to place different waste material that are need to disposed. Color coding can help in identifying where to put each waste material, example using black box for newspaper and white for cardboard and use other color for other waste material. In this way you can easily identify those waste materials that can be recycled and those that need to undergo some process before recycling.

After learning things about recycling, you may want to start a cardboard boxes recycling business. This business can give you a great opportunity to earn money and at the same time help to have a clean environment.

You may start with looking for places to collect cardboard and according to that most of the food products in United States uses cardboard for packaging. You can inquire on different offices and learn about on how they dispose their shipping boxes and other supplies. Ask office managers regarding their cardboard waste and start contracting them in collecting their cardboard waste for recycling.

After getting the list of offices where you can collect cardboard, you can now look for recycling centers that pay for cardboard. There are several companies that recycle cardboard you can search their number on yellow pages or do a research online and get in touch with them.

Now that you have the list of recycling centers in your area, you may need to check on the distance of each center to learn how much it will cost to transport cardboard material. Take note of the gas mileage to compute how much it will cost you and if it is economical enough to transport cardboard materials. Always make a list of your cost in every process of your business so you can know if you are gaining profit in cardboard boxes recycling business.

Look for a vehicle in transporting cardboard; you need to be wise enough in choosing the means to transport the cardboards. Bigger trucks can carry more loads but it has higher cost in terms of consuming gas. Take time to search trucks that you can use and compare each truck to learn which is the most efficient and economical. You may want to start with using smaller trucks and shift into bigger one once you have mastered every aspect of cardboard boxes recycling business.


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