Can Business Loans Be Written Off

With the demand of a lot of businessmen who want to loan money just to start a business, they actually go for banks, microfinance firms or lending institutions that can allow them to loan big amount of money needed to establish their business.

Thus, of course, they don’t want to pay high interest or tax for the said amount that got. So, to lessen their burden, they find ways on how they can ask for deduction on their bills.

Not only those big company owners but also the common folks are interested on how their business loan can be written off. Actually, the deduction you want for your loan depends on how big the amount is, and to what purpose will you use it, but, what is important to know is that we can actually write off your business loans, thus  the interest you are paying for your loan can be deducted too.

Now, let’s have a closer look if what really can small businesses write off on their taxes.

Among those things that are purchased with the use of business loan, which are tax deductible includes office furniture and supplies, business travels, advertising of the product or services of the company , money  and fees for hiring consultant or attorney.

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Now, what about the interest?

Since the loan is intended for business purposes and that they expect that business interest is a legitimate and reasonable, it only means that their taxes are deductible. Thus, if you have spent money just to pay the interest for your business cards or any business loans, then there must be a reasonable deduction on your tax to be paid. However, it is still necessary that you are backed with legal documents that will prove that the money you have withdrawn has been spent for business related activities.

In general, any loan spent for business are actually tax deductible, however only the interest are deductible or can be written off. So, as an owner of any business, you have to be wise, always keep a receipt of all your expenses for you to be able to deduct it from your taxes.

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