Business Dress for Success

They say that first impressions last and that it is always good to put your best foot forward when you are applying for a job. But, you should be aware that it is not just about your skills and talents that future employers are looking for.

They also want their employees to be presentable enough when conducting business and knowing what is the best business dress for success is something that will surely go a long way for your career.

What could be the reason why companies implement dress codes that are casual? The answer is quite simple, they want their employees to be able to work in a comfortable manner. However, it is still a must that customers as well as community visitors and potential employees will see your professional image. When it comes to dress code, the casual dress would still be considered as the standard one.

The Appropriate Look

Since clothing that is all casual is not really fit for offices, it is important that you know what things are appropriate to wear when you are in a corporate premise. Clothing that are suited for beaches, dance clubs, yard work, sports contests as well as exercise sessions will definitely not give you the professional image that you would want to achieve. Clothing which reveals your cleavage, chest, back, feet, stomach and even your underwear are big no-no’s for a business place, even if the setting is a business casual one. Although the environment will be a casual one, a good business dress for success must be well pressed and has no signs of wrinkles. There is no need to emphasize why dirty, frayed and torn clothing cannot be allowed. Seams of dresses should be finished. Clothes that sport offensive terms, words and pictures are also not accepted.

Suit Pants, Pants and Slacks

Make sure that you will wear slacks that are made from synthetic or cotton material or even wool are suggested. Dressy capris, flannel pants as well as good looking synthetic pants are accepted. The unsuitable ones are sweatpants, jeans, exercise pants, short shorts, Bermuda shorts, leggings, bib overalls or spandex or those pants that are form fitting and are more suitable for biking.

Tops, Blouses, Shirts and Jackets

You can wear to work some nice dress shirts, casual shirts, tops, sweaters, shirts that are of golf-type as well as turtlenecks. Many sport or suit jackets are also appropriate in the office scene as long as they are in accordance to the guidelines. The inappropriate ones would include midriff tops, tank tops, shirts with offensive pictures, words, terms, logos, slogans and cartoons, halter tops, bare shoulder tops, t-shirts and sweatshirts unless you will wear them beneath a another jacket, shirt, blouse or dress.

Footwear and Shoes

It will be appropriate if you can wear conservative walking or athletic shoes, clogs, loafers, boots, sneakers, dress heels, flats and shoes that are of the leather deck kind. However, the office is not a place for athletic shoes that are too flashy, flip-flops, thongs and those with open toes.


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