Becoming a Forensic Loan Auditor

Forensic loan auditor is now becoming an in-demand occupation these days. It actually tackles all the issues regarding the mortgage loans and other related matter. If you love numbers and law then this job is right for you.

In any type of venture, it is very important that you have the right tool and method to be successful. Read on further to know how to become a successful forensic loan auditor.

Why Forensic Loan Auditor?

If you love working with banks and laws, forensic loan auditor is perhaps the job suited for you. As a forensic loan auditor, it is your task to determine or investigate the errors or downright violations in laws involving loans. If you love to analyze and explore then this field is right for you. The best thing about this job is you can actually practice your skills and ability at the same time help people who are facing great problem about loans.

Overview of this Job

The current debacle or issues that involve predatory lending is growing not just in the U.S. but also in other places, which requires the need to have a people or expert that will investigate and explore it. Individuals who don’t have enough knowledge about the loan laws and are about to have their assets and other properties for foreclosure need the assistance of a forensic loan auditor. If this is not resolved, these people will have to stay homeless. If there’s a forensic loan auditor, it is more likely that this will be barred, if it is proven that the loan is unenforceable, the owner will surely benefit. In order for the auditor to determine this, he or she needs to review the mortgage contract. By reviewing the contract, the auditor can tell if the bank or financial institution has the basis of getting the property legally.

How to Start?

In order for you to start with this job of course, it is very significant if you can get a certain certification or short crash course about this field. Even if you love banking and laws, if is still recommendable if you have the right knowledge. Maybe you can consult the nearest universities or colleges near your area if they offer similar training or programs. During this training, you will be able to learn the important laws about loans and what is legal and what is not. When you enter a program, make sure that it is supported by the government. After your course, you can now start your new profession.

You can start as a freelance forensic loan auditor but for starters, it is ideal way on joining a group of forensic loan auditors or employed on a firm. This helps you to get the clients because the clients will be the one that will look for you.


  • Aravind varanasi said on October 6, 2012
    I am retired Bank officer, having work experience in Loans and advances. I would like to takeup a job as a forensic loan auditor. Please suggest how I can do it.
  • Aravind varanasi said on October 6, 2012
    I am from Hyderbad city, at present staying in Madinaguda area, near Miyapur, Hyderabad-500049,AP India. I am a retired Bank officer, and experienced in Loans and advances. I want to work as a forensic loan auditor. please suggest.
  • moosa said on April 27, 2014
    I financial analyst at public sector have diploma in accountancy and professional exp. 25 yrs. i wanna work forensic loan auditor. my email


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