Work from Home with Benefits

The benefits of working from home have been increasing in the past few years.

For people who does not want their families to be left behind by their careers, working from home is the best option for them.

The sophistication of technology today has given opportunity to many people and one of these is by allowing them to work from home. Working from home has been the choice of people who are fed up with stressing routines such as waking up as early as 5am, commuting, and even waiting for their bus to arrive at their destination with so heavy traffic on the way there. Nevertheless, finding a legitimate work from home job can be quite a challenge and finding one that offers benefits can be really tough.

Steps on How to Find Work from Home with Benefits

Step 1:

Search and apply at Alpine Access for work from home. Aside from the salary, the company also offers vision, medical, and dental insurance through the voluntary benefit. Furthermore, there is also a 401k plan given to their employees that have worked for 1000 hours or 1 year.

Step 2:

Go and check the Century Link that provides wellness, dental, medical, and vision programs. The benefits will depend on your level.

Step 3:

You can also find work from home jobs on Convergys since they are given health, vision, and dental benefits aside from sick and vacation pay. There is also a tuition fee reimbursement as well as a 401k plan.

Step 4:

Another option is the New Corp because they offer insurance options discount for their work from home employees. Then, if you will be working full time, you can get up-to-6 days time off paid.

Step 5:

Work at the home program of Teletech because they offer 1 401 k plan as well as health reimbursement plan.

Step 6:

If you are living in the area of Nevada, or Colorado, or Florida, or New Mexico, or Texas, or Maine, you can apply at Sitel. They have vacation pay, medical plan, dental plan, as well as 401k plan.

Step 7:

Apply at Uhaul since this company is providing a wide range of medical and health benefits for their full time workers. They also give holidays as well as vacation pay. What‘s more is their Thanksgiving turkey that is definitely the best.

Step 8:

Apply at United Health is your profession is related to medical field. You can get vision, medical, and dental benefits, off pay, holiday pays, 401k plan, and more.

Step 9:

Apply at West at Home. You work at flexible schedule and can obtain dental and medical program.

Step 10:

The XACT TeleSolutions offers work from home benefits too. They have dental, medical, and paid time off too.


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