What is the Best Bank for Small Business

The reason why a lot of entrepreneurs fail to start a new business is because they lack capital. But if you analyze the situation carefully, lack of capital is not the real reason but lack of knowledge.

You see, there are many resources where you can seek funding. You can easily find them if you conduct a bit of research.

To launch the business, you must find ways to generate startup capital. Most banks are hesitant to grant loans to business owners especially in the recent years. With the economic downturn, a lot of businesses closed down. A business plan should show strong viability before loans can be granted. In most cases, the business owner should shoulder a greater amount in the capital. For instance, 75% of the capital should come from personal funds and 25% can be loaned.

Here are some the best bank for small businesses that you can check out: American Express Bank FSB, Pitney Bowes bank, Capital One Bank USA NA, Advanta Bank Corp., BB&T Financial FSB, Wright Express Financial Services Corp., Discover Bank, Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA, Eaton National Bank & Trust Co., First-Citizens Bank & Trust Co., Sweet Water State Bank, Innovative Bank, First National Bank, Transportation Alliance Bank, People’s United Bank, VisionBank, Tennessee Commerce Bank, Renasant Bank, Hanmi Bank, and First Bank.

These are the banks that you can check out if you want to apply for small business loans. You will have to look for loans with an attractive term. You have to compare the loan amount, the rate, and the payment terms. In order to have your loan granted, you have to create a business plan. Make sure that the plan is detailed and you’ve conducted a thorough market study. If you can show your business’ viability, the funds will be released in no time.

Make sure that you use the funds properly and only for business purposes. Monthly payments for the loans should be deducted from the income of the business. You may have a chance to apply for a new loan that you can use for the operating income.


  • milad said on September 6, 2010
    i am US citizen , can i take a loan from a bank to finance business overseas.
  • Ebrahim Abert said on May 2, 2014
    I am a South African citicen who needs financial business loan. can i apply for it overseas. Ebrahim (0027 826280419). email; abertebrahim@gmail.com


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