Transcription Typing from Home

Transcription typing is one of the in demand home based business. The job requires preparing the document into a typed document.

Make sure that the document is done according to the desired standards of the author.

Introduction to Transcription Typing

Getting into the transcription industry is not that easy as you think. This also means that you cannot make good money overnight. However, many people are interested to make transcription typing as career because of the high demands. This kind of profession is both challenging and rewarding yet it cannot make you money overnight. It would require proper training for you to learn the basics of transcription typing. There are various documents needed to transcribe such as handwritten papers, voice recorded files, spreadsheets, database programs and mailing lists.

If you want to engage in transcription typing as home business you need to follow certain Code of Ethics to meet the standard of your clients and at the same time become successful. Make sure that you can produce fast turnaround of documents, excellent grammar, typographical error free, professional image, reasonable rates and quality equipment. As long as you follow these qualities you can ensure that transcription typing would be a rewarding career. There are three basic types of transcription typing that include legal transcription, business transcription and medical transcription.

Whatever option you may take you need to have experience in the chosen field.

Nowadays, medical transcription is the most popular transcription typing job available. The good point is that you can do transcription typing even at the comfort of your home. If you want to be proficient in field of medical transcription you can attend courses about medical transcription from local schools or via online. On the other hand, when you choose legal transcription typing you can work as legal secretary in a legal office. Make sure that you are knowledgeable about the legal terminology that you will encounter and use most of the time. You can also choose business transcription that is more flexible as compared to the two options.

Obviously, if you are interested to get into the world of transcription you should have the skills to type proficiently with accuracy and speed. Keep in mind that you should perform the job according to your ability otherwise the quality of your job will be sacrificed. Likewise, the faster you type the quicker the job will be done. However, you should ensure that it is error free so that you can get another job from your client. Moreover, it is not only the typing skills that are significant in transcription typing but also the grammar. You can use word processing programs to ensure that the document is done grammatically correct. Nevertheless, you still need to proofread the documents before sending it back to your client. Finally, you should acquire the necessary equipment that you will use in transcription typing job.


  • John Ekka said on December 13, 2010
    Dear Sir, Let me instruction to transcription typing business system so that I enable to start my business. Thanking you Sir, John Ekka
  • haneefa said on December 13, 2010
    i am interested with medical transcription job, please provide the more details about it
  • Egyin said on January 5, 2011
    Please kindly provide me with information on how to get transcription typing business. I am very interested in doing this business, but don't know how to be paid, as I am in GHANA, West Africa.Thanks Egyin


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