Low Cost Home Based Business

Becoming your own boss is possibly what most people dreamed of. This can only be achieved if you start your own low cost home based business, pursue what you really want, and control your daily life.

The most common concern of many people wanting a business of their own is the startup resources especially the capital cost of the whole business.

Some people have insufficient cash fund to establish a business that they like while others seek for a low investment business and start slow. If you want to start a business but having the financial problem to do it, then you can start a greeting card business at home.

Starting the Greeting Card Business

The cheapest and the easiest way to engage to this business are by freelancing to companies manufacturing greeting cards. Freelance design artist just submit their designs to their chosen greeting card company. Being a freelance will give you the benefit of just concentrating on the design and creation of the cards however, your work must be really good so that the greeting card company may accept your work. You can work on abstract, pastel or oil, impressions, illustrations, or photos or anything because there is always a greeting card company that would need new designs. If a company accepts your work then they will buy it from you or assign you your writer for your next work.

Finding a Greeting Card Company

Finding the greeting card company is very easy. You can look in the annual publication of Artists’ Market that contains the list of companies with their brief description of requirements and how you can submit your work. For other information like rates, etc. you can check the handbook of the Graphic Artists Guild available in many public libraries. You can submit your creations and designs to big companies or start too much smaller companies where you can learn to work with editors, tackle assignments, and meet deadlines. Email or write to the companies that interest you and request for rules and guidelines. Remember to inquire carefully first before you send your samples and enclose your-self-addressed stamped envelope in your letter.

Most of the greeting card companies will require you samples of your work. Just send prints of 4-6 pieces of your work and never send your originals. Also, follow the given guidelines carefully and if a company asks you for few things then send what it asks for. If your letter gets rejected then just write another cover letter and send them to the next greeting card company. Just do this until your work gets accepted by a company. Be very professional and don’t lose hope if you know that your creation and design is really good.

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