Loan Officer Work from Home

To have a loan officer work from home is one good way of earning an income while still staying inside the comforts of your house. This kind of job works pretty well with moms who wish to help their husbands out in financial matters.

You will learn more about the works of a home-based loan officer, the training they undergo, how to set up this kind of business and best way of making yourself known in the market.

The Work of a Loan Officer

Loan officers have different specializations in this field. Some are found working on home mortgage loans, auto loans and even loans for commercial business. In all of these, you can expect that there an exchange of large amount of money is present that is why the need for loan officers arises so that things can be made possible. Part of a job of a loan officer is to check the backgrounds of all applicants applying for loans. You must be industrious enough to collect necessary information about the loan candidate to know if he or she is worth the risk and will be able to pay back whatever amount of money was borrowed. Once you already have all of these information, depending upon the terms of your employer, you approve the particular loan yourself or pass on the gathered information to the designated loan committee for their approval. Be prepared to defend the choice you have made if needed. One more job of a loan officer work from home is to be able to convince prospective clients to get their loans with your help, wherein various connections come in handy.

Loan Officer Training and Education

Most of the loan officers start their careers by acquiring a degree in business finance or some related courses. Classes and certifications are very much accessible to help a neophyte to have a loan officer work from home. Some who do not have any certification or degree got their position through working for years in financial sales or services.

Preparing Your Home-Based Business

Although many of the loan officers these days work for lending institutions or banks, many still go for something that is based at home, especially women. Though they carry the name of a particular organization, they can still work right at their home offices, a position vied for by many mothers. What usually happens here is that you will be trained by your loan office and will supply your home-based office with the things you need for the job. Although a little travel cannot be avoided, majority of your work is still something you can do inside your own home.

Conquering the Market

Networking is currently the best way to conquer the market as a loan officer. Many people will surely need loans done in their lives and they will definitely need the help of someone they can trust.
Keep the cards in your favor by being prepared all the time when your conversation allows it. Build some connection with brokers, agents and processors to gain a bigger profit. Although the loan officer work from home is not as relaxed as compared to others, rewards are definitely impressive.


  • Babu said on July 8, 2014
    Good morning sir/madam, I am live in chennai tamilnadu, i am photographer and i am photoshop experience 4 years.. i need any job offers please help me sir/mam..
  • imran sama said on July 20, 2014
    Sir, i am interested to do this work pl send me full detail and know that how to start this work
  • shalini said on August 19, 2014
    Respected Sir/Madam, I am live in sharjah, uae. am housewife and I have one 2 years old kid. am interested to work at home to support my husband financially. Pls do me favour. I have 2 years experience in BPO non-voice field. waiting for ur positive reply. Thank you.


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